About Us

EggPower Ltd

We are a young company, based in the United Kingdom, founded by two engineers:

George -  LinkedIn

Software Engineer

Working background in automotive and software industry

Emil - LinkedIn

Electronic Engineer

Background in automotive electronics. The hybrid system for McLaren P1 GTR is amongst the projects worked on.

After years of fun building our own e-bikes, we realised that a business approach is needed if we want to bring the e-bike DIY to its full potential.

Our business stands on three main pillars:

1) develop technology for e-bikers

EggRider - smart Bluetooth display solution for customising and monitoring e-bike parameters.

2) select and tender suppliers for state of the art e-bike parts

We are working on supplying this e-shop with high-quality e-bike components.

3) offer great customer support and peace of mind

We strive to give fast and professional solutions for any query or possible issue.